Jun'ichi Asakura
Da Capo
Da Capo II
T.P. Sakura: Time Paladin Sakura
Da Capo: If
Da Capo: D.C. I & II P.S.P. OVA
Da Capo: Girl's Symphony
Age 14<>br 16 (S.S.)
59 (D.C.II & D.C. Girl's Symphony)
Gender Male
Love Interest Nemu Asakura
Family Nemu Asakura (wife)
Otome Asakura (granddaughter)
Yume Asakura(granddaughter)
Yoshiyuki Sakurai (step-grandson)
Sakura Yoshino (cousin)
Occupation Junior High School Student
Anime Debut Can't I Fall In Love?
Seiyu Yūki Tai

Jun'ichi Asakura (朝倉 純一 Asakura Jun'ichi?) is the main protagonist of the Da Capo series. He is Nemu's older step-brother. He is one of the only original characters to be featured in Da Capo II.
Jun&#039;ichi old

Jun'ichi at age 59 (Da Capo II S.S.)


Jun'ichi's hair is light brown in the first season of the anime, but is depicted as black in the second anime and game. His eye color is also black.


Though he loathes trouble making and bother, Jun'ichi usually never turns his back on people and helps them.


Jun'ichi has the ability to use magic and create wagashi (Japanese sweets) with magic at the cost of his calories which was taught by his and Sakura's grandmother. He is also affected by the Sakura tree and can see the dreams of other characters.


Nemu AsakuraEdit

Jun'ichi's non-blood related sister. Jun'ichi was first in love with Sakura, but he later falls in love with and marries Nemu. They have grandchildren who are the main characters of Da Capo 2.

Sakura YoshinoEdit

Jun'ichi's older cousin. She calls Jun'ichi "onii-chan", which means "older brother" because she wanted someone to look out for her. She holds romantic feelings towards Jun'ichi, much to his dismay. She has magical powers inherited from her and Jun'ichi's grandmother.


The biggest troublemaker in school. He is always planning something. Despite his good looks, athletic skills and good grades, his eccentric personality is what keeps most people away from him. Suginami is good friends with Jun'ichi, but is always dragging him into situations.