Alice Tsukishiro
Da Capo, Da Capo: Second Season, T.P. Sakura: Time Paladin Sakura Character
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Anime Debut Da Capo: Second Season, "Past the Rows of Cherry Trees"
Seiyu Pirosu (P.C. onward), Emiko Hagiwara (anime/P.S.)

Alice Tsukishiro (月城 アリス Tsukishiro Arisu?) is a half Japanese, half northern-European. Having lost her parents at an early age, she lives with her butler, Seba, and several other helpers in a mansion in Hatsunejima. Incapable of speaking for herself or presenting her feelings, she communicates with others through her puppet Philos (ピロス Pirosu?). Philos gets the ability to speak for Alice through the power of the magical sakura tree. Having spent time in a circus she has exceptional reflexes, but she is unable to swim. She is also good friends with Miharu who is in the same class as her, and Aisia who has came from the same region as she did.

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